Bulk IP Lookup

Bulk IP Lookup

We now allow up to 10 bulk IP-to-Geolocation lookup. You may enter up to 10 IP addresses that are combination of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Extra IPs will be ignored and only 10 lookup result will be provided.

We also provide a utilty to randomly pick 10 IP addresses. Although most IPv4 addresses are assigned and mapped to geolocation, not all IPv6 addresses are assigned and mapped to geolocation. We impose the same hourly and daily limits on all IP address lookups

What is bulk IP Lookup?

Bulk IP lookup is a process of querying multiple IP addresses simultaneously to gather information about those IP addresses. This information typically includes details such as the geographic location (city, region, country), the organization or internet service provider (ISP) associated with the IP address, and potentially other technical information like the IP's autonomous system number (ASN) and its network range.

Bulk IP lookup is often used for the following purposes, including:

  • Security and Fraud Prevention: Organizations can use bulk IP lookup to identify potentially suspicious IP addresses. This can help in blocking access from IP addresses known for cyberattacks or fraudulent activities.
  • Geolocation Services: Bulk IP lookup is used to determine the geographical location of website visitors or users based on their IP addresses. This information can be used for marketing, customization of content, or compliance purposes.
  • Network Management: Network administrators use bulk IP lookup to analyze and manage IP address allocations within their networks. It can help them understand how IP addresses are distributed and whether there are any issues.
  • Content Delivery: Content delivery networks (CDNs) and online streaming services may use bulk IP lookup to optimize content delivery by directing users to the nearest server or data center based on their location.
  • Market Research: Companies may use bulk IP lookup data to analyze the geographical distribution of their website visitors or to gain insights into the global reach of their online services.
  • Compliance: Bulk IP lookup can also be used to ensure compliance with regional or national regulations. For example, it may be used to verify that digital content is only accessible in specific regions.

We offer Bulk IP lookup to allow our users to retrive up to 10 geolocation data at a time. This service should not be used to scrap our IP Geolocation data, and hence we implied same hourly (240) and daily (3,600) limit on the number of queries you can run.