Unicode Characters

Unicode is the standard used to assign an unique number to each of the 144,697 characters expressed in world's text system. Unicode is comprised of multiple languages, mathmetical symbols, historical scripts as well as emojies and non-visual control and formatting codes. The first 128 characters of ASCII Codes are mapped to Unicode for backward compatibility, and hence ASCII is a subset of Unicode. The table below shows some of the most commonly used unicode. You may also refer the first 128 characters of Unicode in the ASCII table.

Special codes

Unicode Escape sequence HTML numeric code HTML named code Description
U+0009 \u0009 	 horizontal tab
U+000A \u000A 
 line feed
U+000D \u000D 
 carriage return / enter
U+00A0 \u00A0     non-breaking space

Symbols codes

Char Unicode Escape sequence HTML numeric code HTML named code Description
& U+0026 \u0026 & & ampersand
U+2022 \u2022 • • bullet
U+25E6 \u25E6 ◦ white bullet
U+2219 \u2219 ∙ bullet operator
U+2023 \u2023 ‣ triangular bullet
U+2043 \u2043 ⁃ hyphen bullet
° U+00B0 \u00B0 ° ° degree
U+221E \u221E ∞ ∞ infinity

Currency codes

Char Unicode Escape sequence HTML numeric code HTML named code Description
$ U+0024 \u0024 $   dollar
U+20AC \u20AC € € euro
£ U+00A3 \u00A3 £ £ pound
¥ U+00A5 \u00A5 ¥ ¥ yen / yuan
¢ U+00A2 \u00A2 ¢ ¢ cent
U+20B9 \u20B9 ₹   indian Rupee
U+20A8 \u20A8 ₨   rupee
U+20B1 \u20B1 ₱   peso
U+20A9 \u20A9 ₩   korean won
฿ U+0E3F \u0E3F ฿   thai baht
U+20AB \u20AB ₫   dong
U+20AA \u20AA ₪   shekel

Intellectual property codes

Char Unicode Escape sequence HTML numeric code HTML named code Description
© U+00A9 \u00A9 © © copyright
® U+00AE \u00AE ® ® registered trademark
U+2117 \u2117 ℗   sound recording copyright
U+2122 \u2122 ™ ™ trademark
U+2120 \u2120 ℠   service mark

Greek alphabet codes

Char Unicode Escape sequence HTML numeric code HTML named code Description
α U+03B1 \u03B1 α α small alpha
β U+03B2 \u03B2 β β small beta
γ U+03B3 \u03B3 γ γ small gamma
δ U+03B4 \u03B4 δ δ small delta
ε U+03B5 \u03B5 ε ε small epsilon
ζ U+03B6 \u03B6 ζ ζ small zeta
η U+03B7 \u03B7 η η small eta
θ U+03B8 \u03B8 θ θ small theta
ι U+03B9 \u03B9 ι ι small iota
κ U+03BA \u03BA κ κ small kappa
λ U+03BB \u03BB λ λ small lambda
μ U+03BC \u03BC μ μ small mu
ν U+03BD \u03BD ν ν small nu
ξ U+03BE \u03BE ξ ξ small xi
ο U+03BF \u03BF ο ο small omicron
π U+03C0 \u03C0 π π small pi
ρ U+03C1 \u03C1 ρ ρ small rho
σ U+03C3 \u03C3 σ σ small sigma
τ U+03C4 \u03C4 τ τ small tau
υ U+03C5 \u03C5 υ υ small upsilon
φ U+03C6 \u03C6 φ φ small phi
χ U+03C7 \u03C7 χ χ small chi
ψ U+03C8 \u03C8 ψ ψ small psi
ω U+03C9 \u03C9 ω ω small omega
Α U+0391 \u0391 Α Α capital alpha
Β U+0392 \u0392 Β Β capital beta
Γ U+0393 \u0393 Γ Γ capital gamma
Δ U+0394 \u0394 Δ Δ capital delta
Ε U+0395 \u0395 Ε Ε capital epsilon
Ζ U+0396 \u0396 Ζ Ζ capital zeta
Η U+0397 \u0397 Η Η capital eta
Θ U+0398 \u0398 Θ Θ capital theta
Ι U+0399 \u0399 Ι Ι capital iota
Κ U+039A \u039A Κ Κ capital kappa
Λ U+039B \u039B Λ Λ capital lambda
Μ U+039C \u039C Μ Μ capital mu
Ν U+039D \u039D Ν Ν capital nu
Ξ U+039E \u039E Ξ Ξ capital xi
Ο U+039F \u039F Ο Ο capital omicron
Π U+03A0 \u03A0 Π Π capital pi
Ρ U+03A1 \u03A1 Ρ Ρ capital rho
Σ U+03A3 \u03A3 Σ Σ capital sigma
Τ U+03A4 \u03A4 Τ Τ capital tau
Υ U+03A5 \u03A5 Υ Υ capital upsilon
Φ U+03A6 \u03A6 Φ Φ capital phi
Χ U+03A7 \u03A7 Χ Χ capital chi
Ψ U+03A8 \u03A8 Ψ Ψ capital psi
Ω U+03A9 \u03A9 Ω Ω capital omega

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