Hidemyass Profile

Company Hide My Ass (AVG Technologies)
Headquartered In USA (was UK)
Year Established 2005

  • Residential, mobile & ISP proxies
  • Mask IP addresses & keep online anonymously
  • 24/7 live chat and tickets
  • 3-day trial for $1.99 available

HideMyAss is one of the biggest brand in VPN business with over 121,800 IP addresses, 900 servers in 210 countries. That makes HMA present virtually in every country in the world and having such diverse server portfolio can influence customer's choice. One of the latest examples of HMA huge success was Pacquiao Vs. Mayweather fight which was streamed for free in the Philippines. With servers located in Philippines, HMA customers were able to change IP address to the one located in Philippines, and able to stream video for free.

HMA is localised and fully translated in 8 languages: Russian, Indonesian, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. This is how HMA stands across main indicators:

  • IP Addresses : 124,000
  • Servers: 918
  • Countries: 221
  • Locations: 352
  • Active Users: 300,000+

For bittorrent users, one of the feature offered by HideMyAss is to shutdown a bittorrent client if there is ever a drop-out during the connection. If you're using a bittorrent client and the VPN should suddenly loses connection usually your real IP address would be exposed, but HMA has a setting which you can enable to automatically shut down the bittorrent client in such an event.

In May 2015, the parent company of HideMyAss, Privax Limited was acquired by AVG Technologies.