How to make money online?

If you're building your website to make fast cash, you're seriously mistaken. Making money online is harder said than done. In fact, more than 9 out of 10 people give up websites before generating income from it. Making money online involves dedication, execution and hard work. Your website will demand your full attention, and will require constant iteration of trial-and-error to determine which techniques work, and which doesn't when driving traffic to your website.


One of the core reasons why people create websites isn't just for the sake of sharing information and providing some service; but to monetize it and earn money from it. As a matter of fact, with the dominance that the internet now plays in the daily lives of so many people, it should come as no surprise that every successful business comes with some online component and presence with it. This is usually done in the way of a website which these businesses use for not only the relaying of information and a means of contact to their customers, but also as a means to generate revenue for the business as well. This revenue generated is often used to first support the website by paying its hosting costs so that it is essentially not seen as an expense for the business. Whatever revenue it generates after that deduction is then added to the business' overall earnings.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular methods these businesses utilize to make money online is affiliate marketing. It is quite possibly the easiest and quickest way to make money through your website or blog to at the very least cover its hosting cost. The process is simple: first, find a product you like and would recommend, preferably one you've used before, and then endorse that on your website. This endorsement will be promoted to the clients who visit your website but can (and should) also be extended to any customers who're on the website's email list for subscriptions. Once those who see the promoted product link show some interest, they'll click on your affiliate link to purchase the product of which you'll get some cut of the sale. This cut can range anywhere from 5% to 70% of the product's price which can be very profitable for website owners.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is another very common method used by website owners to monetize their website and make earnings because it is very simple to implement. Google developed the term "adwords" which is the advertisements that appear at the top of any Google search result page. Following that, Google AdSense is the reverse of this which allows website owners to publish ad space on their website for other advertisers through Google's networks. Through this method, every time a website visitor clicks on one of the ads displayed on your website, you will be paid a fee for the advertisement. In this way, one could also call this pay-per-click advertising.

Ad Space

Building from Google's AdSense, one could simply sell ad space on their website directly to interested parties. This allows website owners to be in control of the pricing for their ad space and set their own rates, such as saying, "Banner space ads will cost $1 per month". This is typically done depending on how many visitors you get per month which means your monthly payment will depend heavily on the web traffic to your website. This is quoted as a dollar amount "per one thousand impressions" (or CPM), so using the same example from earlier, if your website gets 1,000,000 visitors per month, that would be $1,000 earned per month.

Conversely, one could also set a direct price instead for the ad space which is a set monthly price to be paid by the advertiser upfront every month. This pricing is usually dependent on the worth of the ad space (based on the amount of web traffic the website typically gets), the pricing of competitors, and other such variables. As said before though, both these pricing methods depend heavily on the web traffic of your website and as such, if your web traffic is high you can have a huge profit whereas if it is low, you won't earn nearly as much.

Lead Generation

There are plenty of businesses which thrive off of new leads which generate them business. By "new leads" is simply, "new prospects" who might be interested in a business service or product. As such, businesses are always hungry and searching for ways to gather new leads and increase their profit margins. Through this, many website owners act as the middle-man for these businesses and provide them with leads who might have an interest in their business. For example, consider a website such as which primarily focuses on web and IP Address articles with the goal of educating and teaching users things within this space. A company which sells networking components and devices such as modems, routers, etc would have an interest in finding new customers within that space. As such, any customer subscribed to iplocation's email list might have an interest in such a company as well and the owner of the website could then provide their emails to the company in exchange for a price.


E-Commerce is another method in which a website owner can generate sizeable income, however, it's not one which is easily achievable. A website does not have to be solely content based, and can also get involved with selling items and/or services online. Through this, they will become an online store but because the sheer number of these in existence right now is already such an astronomically high number, there is a lot of hard work involved in making your store stand out from the rest.

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