How do you create a professional looking website?


When considering to build a website, there are quite a few options one could consider. If you have the time and skill to build one yourself or if you're willing to learn, that should be one of the very first options to consider as it's most cost effective. In these scenarios, the use of a Content Manager System (CMS) is a very highly recommended tool to use as it can streamline the work flow of the process immensely with its ease of use although; depending on the tool in question, there can be a significantly steep learning curve.

In the event that time is not something in abundance for you and you don't wish to invest that much effort into it, you might want to consider using a website builder instead. They are very cost effect programs developed to help people without much experience to build fully functional and professional websites very quickly. Most of these website builders also offer a slew of features and add-ons, similar to CMSs, so that they are capable of meeting the needs of many. Typically, they're a lot easier to understand and utilize than a CMS and so, the learning curve involved is a lot more forgiving; albeit, you will still have to invest some time into it.

Another option one could look into if money is not an issue, is to hire a web developer for the job and outsource the work. While it might become costly depending on the developer and the work involved, it will definitely not eat up your own time. You should be careful in your choice of hire however; as you will need to work closely with the web developer to ensure your website does meet your desired design, vision, and quality.

The presentation of your website should be visually appealing and easy on the eyes, but more importantly convey the message to your visitors effectively. You do not want to distract your visitors with design of your website.

Website Builders

As mentioned before, website builders are a common tool which can be used to help build a fully functional and professional website very quickly for a low cost. Initially, these programs were shunned upon because their flexibility was very lacking yet in high demand. This is because many websites utilize JavaScript for the sake of the end-user; however, in their infancy, many website builders did not offer this functionality. Their features were limited to include the very bare minimum and offered website creators very little freedom in design and creativity, which left them with many static and non-interactive web pages. Since then however, website builders have made strives to be better and are now very capable of providing some of the most beautiful and creative website designs while offering a wide variety of features; ranging from add-ons for online stores, to GPS-based systems.

Among these website builders, some of the most common ones are and; two of which are renown for their wide variety of features through their add-ons and for the online help that can be found. is yet another very common website builder which offers some very nicely designed templates. and are two other great options to consider as well for similar reasons.

Hiring a Web Developer

While being a significantly more expensive than other alternatives, one could also always look into hiring a web developer to get the work done. This means having to pay expenses based on the web developer's rate which can get astronomically high depending on various factors including agency vs. individual, number of portfolio, and amount of experience the firm has. Because of this, one has to do their due diligence in researching and finding out as much information as they can about their would-be developer to ensure they get the best they can afford.

Another important factor to consider with this option is to establish an open line of communication with the developer. This is important because you and the developer will have to work closely to ensure the work they’re doing is to your standards and specifications. If this is not done, there is a high chance of having work be completed by the web developer that you, as their client, might not be satisfied with.

Content Manager Systems

Finally, there is also the use of a CMS application for the sake of your website design. Although typically, these applications do not offer a lot of flexibility in the area of developing web apps, layouts, and other such web-based features a website might have, they still are a great means of starting out with a professionally designed website. This is because they offer a great deal of flexibility with preparing, creating, and managing digital content onto a website through various features and add-ons. For example, all CMSs allows users to employ different themes and looks on their website; most of which are free. Through this one feature alone, it would not be very difficult to find a nice professional one which satisfies your vision and build on it from there. Not only that, but these themes also come with some build in functionality to make them responsive which will help speed up the development process. Of these CMSs, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento offer hundreds or maybe even thousands of themes just for this purpose. There are a few template markets where you can purchase a theme that is right for you.

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